Blue Moon, Acrylic Painting, 4' x 5' by James B. Pink, Professor Emeritus, UNLV Art Department


A grassroots effort has emerged among faculty and professional staff at UNLV to reach out and partner with the community in finding workable solutions to the challenges facing the Las Vegas metro area.

Our goal is for UNLV to play a major role in achieving a sustainable Las Vegas community with all its interrelated dimensions, including environmental, economic, and social/cultural sustainability. We view this initiative as one that is of vital importance to our students, faculty, and the entire community. We earnestly believe that the community is our campus. Together, not only can we change our community, but we can change it for the better.

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Challenges to Sustainability

With a predicted local population of 4 million in 2036 and 72 percent of Nevadans now living in the Las Vegas metro area, we have become a very urban state that faces many challenges if we are to achieve a sustainable community. These challenges include:

  • economic growth and diversification
  • labor training
  • affordable housing
  • water supply
  • air quality
  • traffic and congestion
  • security and safety
  • health care
  • immigration
  • the best use of land
  • public places
  • recreation
  • and the list goes on